New Mutant Monday Series Two #69 - Kakushitsu Savage

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 4d6 per crew, or 5d100 per floating city
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’) Swim and on land
AC: By armor but 3 points better.
HD: 8
Attacks: 1 horn attack, 2 claws or by weapon
Damage: 1d6+1, 1d4+1 / 1d4+1 or by weapon
Save: L8
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: 1d4 artifact weapons, 1d4 melee weapons, I (x5), II (x5), VII (x10, 80%), X (x5), 75% 1 suit of artifact armor, 2d12 pieces of random jewellery (valued at 1d100x10 each)

Said to have originated in from the land of the Rising Sun, these mutant humans have become quite the scourge across the Pacific, especially the island chains around the former Philippine lands.

The humanoids have a natural affinity for the ocean, and can breathe water as easily as air, although they do not live in the ocean itself. They are also master shipwrights and have created numerous floating cities, the size of 21st century aircraft carriers.

No one, not even the mutant’s themselves can pinpoint exactly when and how they took on the culture and lifestyle of pirates, privateers and buccaneers, but they have taken to the lifestyle and have molded their entire culture around it.

On average, these mutants are actually kind of short. The tallest tends to stand around five feet in height, with males and females having equal heights. They weigh typically around one hundred and twenty pounds, and they have elongated faces and instead of hair, each member of this mutant species has a growth of large horns, which jut from the skull at random. It has been said they look like they have tree-branches growing from their skulls, but never to their faces. They consider this to be a great insult and will kill if they ever hear such a thing said in their presence.

The horns are a source of great pride for these mutants, and they spend many an hour polishing and decorating the horns with paints and even bedecking them with jewellery. The more gaudy or treasure encrusted, the higher their status they are in their pirate fleets.

As stated, these humanoids are pirates. They live for the thrill of the chase, the action when it comes to boarding an enemy vessel and the discovery of treasure, cargo and other loot. Oddly enough however, when they come across prey which clearly does not have much in the way of wealth, or are simple fishermen or those who ply their livelihoods on the seas, they will often posture and act like pirates, but will not harm or steal from such folk. It is rumored – although they will deny it, they will even give food and other goods to such down-on-their-luck types.

These humanoids love to use swords and other such melee-based weapons, but are more than happy to use high-tech weaponry against those who they would prey upon. Their ships often mount high-tech cannons, laser and rail guns, or other such weaponry. Many even use submarines and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, stalking prey unseen before launching a well-aimed torpedo in order to disable a ship.

One tactic they use constantly is going after the toughest prey possible. The more heavily armed, armored and manned a target, the more likely they will attack and attempt to take it. These humanoids also value bravery and audacity, often sparing those they would otherwise kill in combat if they prove they are worthy opponents.

Many of the floating pirate crews are quite wealthy, and they value treasure and the like above all else. They will often trade between pirate crews, but never with outsiders – they consider all other people and humanoids to be outsiders, worthy of combat and hunting, but not trading. Well – with the exception mentioned above.

Individually they are loud, boisterous, and typically obnoxious. They find these traits to be admirable and those who show such traits are often treated far better than those who do not. The males are also always very chivalrous towards females of any type, and will try to be gallant and respectful. If the female acts as stated, they will really turn on the charm. The females of the species likewise tend to show the same mannerisms towards handsome or comely males, and if said male can fight, well…

Each crew is lorded over by a single ‘captain’, which is the strongest, toughest, richest and most daring of all members of the crew. This is a life-long position, and those who want a crew of their own are encouraged to leave, and are allowed to take a few members with them in order to start their own crew. They are also encouraged to contact other crews and look for volunteers to join them.

There really is not anything considered to be a crime among these people with two exceptions – cowardice, and murder. They have no issues when it comes to killing in combat or during raids or boarding actions, but they will not tolerate wanton killing for the sake of killing. And those who turn and run in the face of combat are treated even worse than murderers… after all, they consider combat to be a part of their life, and those who shirk or shy away from combat do not deserve the life they are given. This does not apply to those who are not members of their species, however… they know that the mere sight of them often strikes terror into the hearts of those they hunt and prey upon.

When it comes to mates and offspring, they rarely ever mate for life, often only staying together long enough to produce a child or two before growing bored of one another and moving on. The females have the same gestation period as normal humans, and both males and females are fully capable of mating with humans and Pure humans, with there being a 50/50 chance of the offspring being from either parent. If the offspring born to these humanoids is a human or pure human, they will track down and give the offspring to the parent, and likewise if the human or pure human produces a member of this species, the parent is expected to turn it over to a crew. If they do not, the offspring will be taken by force.

When these creatures do engage in combat, they can use their horns, which after a successful attack, the target must save versus death or suffer 1d3 points of bleeding damage per round until it can be bound. This damage is cumulative, so if the humanoid hits the same target multiple times with the horns, the target will bleed from each wound. It requires 1d2 rounds to bind each wound. They can also use their claws, but would much rather use weapons. They are also fully capable of using artifact armor, as long as it does not require a helmet, which they cannot wear due to their horns.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons, xenomorphism), bizarre appearance, increased physical attribute (dexterity)

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