Skirmisher Releases 'Krampusnacht: Night of the Krampus!'

Michael O. Varhola
Skirmisher Publishing is excited to announce the release Krampusnacht: Night of the Krampus!, a three-part superhero scenario for the BASH superhero RPG system! This fun and exciting adventure is available through DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and other online sales venues (36 pages, $3.99). We very much hope you will enjoy it! 
It is Krampusnacht, the Night of the Krampus, and a malevolent power rises from the depths of Hell to torment and corrupt. In this spirited holiday scenario, players take on the roles of the Forgotten Children, young orphans who have been granted incredible powers and unite to oppose the spread of an ancient evil. Can these young heroes stop the demonic goatman before he can remake the world in his image and forever ruin the holidays for everyone?
This adventure includes five heroes stat’ed for BASH Ultimate Edition and records for Minions, Supervillians, Krampus himself, and more. 
See a demo game of scenes from this adventure on d-Infinity Plays Krampusnacht